Growing Rods Surgery

What are Growing Rods?

Growing rods surgery is a treatment for scoliosis in children who have not reached skeletal development (usually between 3 – 8 years old). Growing rod surgery is often the recommended treatment to correct the spinal curve and allow continuous growth of the spine.

How is growing rod surgery performed?

Growing rod surgery is performed through the back of the spine. Metal rods are attached to the spine and lengthened in the physician’s office via a magnet acting through the skin. The rods attach to the spine at the top and bottom of the curve.

Follow Up

After the treatment of growing rods for scoliosis, the child returns about every two months to have the rods lengthened to keep up with their spine's growth and development. Once the child is older and the spine has matured, the doctor will remove the rods and perform a spinal fusion.


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