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Phone Number: 954-385-6276

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Medical School - NYU School of Medicine
Internship - Boston City Hospital
Residency - Boston City Hospital
Residency - Montefiore Medical Center
Residency - Montefiore Medical Center
Fellowship - Montefiore Medical Center

Board Certifications

American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology (Child Neur) - Certified
American Board of Pediatrics (Pediatrics) - Certified

Dr. Tuchman is presently the Director of Autism and Neurodevelopment Programs at Nicklaus Children's Dan Marino Outpatient Center. He was the Founding Director of the Nicklaus Children's Dan Marino Outpatient Center for children with developmental disorders serving as its executive medical director from its start in 1998 thru 2001.

Dr. Tuchman is an Associate Professor of Neurology at Nicklaus Children's Hospital in association with the University of Miami School of Medicine.

He earned his MD from the New York University School of Medicine and is certified by the American Board of Pediatrics and the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology with Special Qualification in Child Neurology. He is a fellow of both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Neurology.

Dr. Tuchman has published and lectured nationally and internationally on the topic of neurodevelopmental disorders including autism, ADHD, epilepsy and learning disorders. He is the co-editor of "Autism: A Neurological Disorder of Early Brain Development" which was published by Mac Keith Press in association with the International Child Neurology Associtation (ICNA) in 2006.


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