Primary Office

Pediatric Gastroenterology Associates
3200 SW 60 Ct #204
Miami, FL 33155
Phone Number: 305-661-6110


Medical School - University of Puerto Rico
Fellowship - University of California Hospitals
Internship - Children's Memorial Hospital
Residency - Children's Memorial Hospital

Board Certifications

American Board of Pediatrics (Pediatrics) - Certified

During the last decade, Dr. Reeves-Garcia has been a vital contributor to the burgeoning practice of pediatric gastroenterology in Miami. He is Board Certified with a special interest in children with feeding disorders, Dr. Reeves-Garcia has served as Nutrition Support Consultant for Nicklaus Children's Hospital, as well as Gastroenterology Lab Coordinator since he began his practice of gastroenterology in 1987. Dr. Reeves-Garcia lectures include topics such as acute gastroenteritis and nutritional support in the critically ill pediatric patient. His various publications center on topics ranging from enteral feeding in the home to children with recurrent abdominal pain.


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Kulkarni, S., Gomara, R., Reeves-Garcia, J., Hernandez, E., Restrepo, R. (2014). MRI-based score helps in assessing the severity and in follow-up of pediatric patients with perianal Crohn disease. . 58(2), 252-257. View in Pubmed

Kulkarni, S., Mercado, V., Rios, M., Arboleda, R., Gomara, R., Muinos, W., Reeves-Garcia, J., Hernandez, E. (2013). Breast milk is better than formula milk in preventing parenteral nutrition-associated liver disease in infants receiving prolonged parenteral nutrition. Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology & Nutrition, 57(3), 383-388. View in Pubmed

Alfonso, I., Miranda, L.F., Reeves-Garcia, J., Checa, R.M., Guevara, C. (2010). Agenesis of the corrugator supercilii: a benign condition. Journal of Child Neurology, 25(3), 383-386. View in Pubmed

Elitsur, Y., Tolia, V., Gilger, M.A., Reeves-Garcia, J., Schmidt-Sommerfeld, E., Opekun, A.R., et al. (2009). Urea breath test in children: the United States prospective, multicenter study. . Helicobacter, 14(2), 134-140. View in Pubmed

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