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Does the diagnostic service require prior authorization?

CT Scans: YES*
X-rays: NO
Polysonograms: YES*
Ultrasounds: NO
Physical Therapy: NO
Occupational Therapy: NO
Audio Evaluation: NO
Audio Evaluation: NO
Speech Evaluation: NO
Feeding and Swallowing Evaluation: NO

Authorizations for high-end imaging (MRI, CT, PET Scans) are issued by National Imaging Management (NIA). Please contact 1-800-214-2569 to obtain authorization.

Contact Us

The Authorization Unit can can contacted at 786-624-3022 as well as Managed Care at 305-669-5834 for further clarification.

Please note that some non-employed physicians and credentialed medical staff members of Nicklaus Children's Hospital may not accept all of the health plans listed above. Also note that participation in these plans is not a guarantee of payment or coverage.

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