What is a DMSA Renal Scan?

Also known as: DMSA renal kidney scan, DMSA kidney scan, dimercapto succinic acid scan

The DMSA renal scan is a type of “nuclear medicine” test which helps give pictures of the kidneys and how they are working. Nuclear medicine is a type of imaging that uses small, safe amounts of radioactive medicine to diagnose and treat diseases.

A DMSA renal scan uses a small amount of a radiopharmaceutical called DMSA (dimercapto succinic acid). The radiopharmaceutical is safe and will not hurt your child.

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  • The DMSA scan does not hurt.
  • Pictures take approximately a minimum of 15-20 minutes depending on how well your child holds still.
  • The DMSA Scan uses a “Gamma Camera” which remains under the bed during this scan. Your child doesn’t even notice it is there.

Reviewed by: Felix I Ramirez-Seijas, MD

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