What is the testing process?

Also known as: allergen immunotherapy

A non-invasive skin prick is used to determine your allergies to environmental allergens. Your doctor will interpret the findings and discuss the results with you during the same visit.

What’s in the allergy shots?

Small doses of your allergens (different pollens, cat, dog, dust mite and/or mold) are injected under the skin on the back of the arm with a small needle.

How long does it take?

Depending on how frequently you come in, it can take three-to-six months to reach your treatment dose (maintenance). After you reach maintenance, your visits will eventually be decreased to once a month. Three-to-five years of treatment is recommended because this is the time it usually takes to build a long-lasting tolerance.

How are allergy shots different than medicine?

Allergy shots are natural and do not contain medicine. They prevent allergic reactions, whereas allergy medications can help mask allergy symptoms.



Reviewed by: Amy S Feldman, MD

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