Abduction Prevention Tips

Published on: 11/07/2013
Below is a list of strategies put together by The Child Assault Prevention Project of South Florida to help prevent abductions. Take the time to review these with your kids.
  • Teach kids never to give out personal information, like name, address and home phone number.
  • Teach kids never to speak to or approach a stranger.
  • Use a secret code if someone else will pick up your child after school.
  • Teach children different lures that strangers use. Abductors might offer toys or ask for help carrying groceries or finding a puppy (Here is $20, come take a ride with me in my car; Your mom has been in an accident, I need to take you to her; etc.)
  • Teach them to use self-defense and other tactics, including yelling to attract attention, running from a gun and running in the opposite direction of a stranger in a car so it would have to make a U-turn to follow. If in the car, kids should try to stick something in the ignition so the car can't start.
  • Teach children to practice getting get a description of the stranger and the car to give to police if they have been approached (i.e. color, license plate number, damaged parts; gender, height, scars, piercing or tattoos, color of shoes and/or clothes).

Child Assault Prevention Project
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