Children's Experiences

The Children's Experiences team consists of:

Child Life

Certified Child Life Specialists will assess children's psychosocial and developmental needs in order to create an individualized plan of care through advocacy, education, and empowerment; thereby normalizing the hospital environment and promoting best possible outcomes with a focus on family-centered care.

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Music Therapy

The music therapy department, consisting of board certified music therapists, strives to effectuate positive therapeutic changes in patients and families through the clinical and evidence-based implementation of music to achieve individualized goals.

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Recreational Experience

Play spaces are a child's haven. It is the one aspect of a child's hospitalization wherein he/she has some control of the hospital. A child can decide to come to the playroom and participate in special activities, free play, or may choose not to come at all. Play spaces allow children to have an opportunity to socialize with children that may share similar experiences.
Play spaces are equally important to siblings, as well as the hospitalized child. Dedicated spaces for recreational play and guided activities offer parents and caregivers peace of mind to focus on the needs of the hospitalized child.

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Bedside Buddy

Our Bedside Buddy program is a unique group of volunteers who are dedicated to ensuring all patients have fun, even when stuck in the hospital! Although we have many excited recreation events and activities throughout the hospital, sometimes kids just need to get better in their rooms. Bedside buddies are equipped with carts loaded with board games bringing play in the comfort of the child’s room.

Education Program

The Nicklaus Children's Hospital School Program strives to provide guidance and advocacy to all patient and families through collaboration with community partners including school districts, tutoring programs, and curriculum providers to achieve academic successes throughout the course of a patient's treatment with a goal of successfully supporting the patient's re-entry back to school.

Prospective Child Life Volunteers

For those that are interested in learning more about the child life profession or would like to volunteer with our Child Life department, please visit Association of Child Life Professionals to learn about the Child Life profession.

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