Nicklaus Children's Health System to Offer $15 Plus Minimum Wage Starting in September

Published on: 06/29/2021

Nicklaus Children’s Health System has made the decision to increase its minimum wage starting in September of 2021 to the new standard required by Florida constitutional mandate a full five years ahead of the timeline for full adoption. 

While the health system’s current minimum hourly rate is already above the existing state minimum, the early adoption of the 2026 mandated $15 minimum is aimed at ensuring all Nicklaus Children’s staff are paid a fair and competitive wage in today’s increasingly expensive South Florida market. The health system will in fact set its minimum at $15.05 starting in September. 

In addition, by December 31, 2021, the health system will conclude a review of approximately 1,400 positions in compensation tiers above the revised minimum to ensure fairness and marketplace balance across the health system, which employs a workforce of more than 4,000. It is expected that by December, most employees already earning $15 will receive increases to keep them above the new minimum and approximately 60 percent of employees will have received salary adjustments. 

“South Florida is a costly place to live and has become even more so in recent months given the challenges brought on by the pandemic,” said Matthew A. Love, president and CEO of the health system.  “We recognize the hard work our teams have been doing to provide amazing patient care to the children and families we serve amid these challenges. We also recognize that we must invest in our people to continue delivering the best care to every child. Therefore, Nicklaus Children’s is committed to providing our family of employees with an attractive wage and benefits package to ensure our sustained position as an employer of choice within the region. ”

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