Miami Children's Hospital Engages Interactive Health to Enhance Employee Health and Wellness Program

Published on: 02/04/2014
MIAMI – As part of a commitment to improve employee health and well-being, Miami Children's Hospital (MCH) Health System in 2013 partnered with Interactive Health, to expand the hospital’s incentive-based employee health and wellness program. The new program provides each participating staff member with a comprehensive understanding of his or her individual health status, identifying and providing support for team members in need of attention for underlying medical issues or who are at risk. 
The enhanced program, administered by Interactive Health – a leader in outcomes-based wellness solutions – utilizes lab results from participating employees to help identify those requiring treatment and lifestyle changes, and provides resources to help employees and spouses make those changes. A total of 92 percent of the 3,200 health system employees participated in the program.
Following the onsite health evaluations, Interactive Health contacted 399 MCH employees whose test results showed they required immediate medical attention, and 636 employees were enrolled in health coaching as a result of newly discovered health risks. All employees participating in the program received a confidential report explaining their test results. Interactive Health provides guidance and resources to help employees strive toward health and wellness by modifying behaviors and helps facilitate employees obtaining medical care as needed.
"At Miami Children's Hospital, the health of our highly specialized and experienced workforce is essential to our success,” said Michael Kushner, Senior Vice President and Chief Talent Officer. “Through our work with Interactive Health, we are increasing our commitment to supporting our employees through enhanced assessment and intervention assistance. Those identified with health risks can engage with their physicians and all employees are provided tools and resources to help them improve their health as well as incentives for taking ownership.” 
Previously, the hospital offered an employee wellness incentive program in which participants received monetary rewards for participating in fitness testing and health educational activities. The Interactive Health program enhances employee health assessment, providing extensive lab testing aimed at identifying those at risk for diabetes, kidney, liver, heart and thyroid conditions. The new program goes beyond a simple know- your- numbers campaign to provide tailored health coaching and a personal health score and goal for all participants.Those who participated in the program by undergoing the free lab testing receive a $150 per year decrease in their health insurance premium.  To encourage staff ownership and participation, employees who do not participate in the new program will be responsible for a larger portion of their health insurance premium.  Employee spouses who are insured through the hospital could also undergo testing and receive the health premium decrease, making it possible for a couple or family to receive a larger decrease in their annual health insurance premium. 
Going forward, employees and participating spouses are provided with attainable health goals. Each participant will have their own personal goal, which is either to maintain good health or make health improvements. Those who achieve their personal health goal will be eligible for the insurance premium reduction next year. 
Improved employee health will support Miami Children’s Hospital in curbing increases in employee medical insurance rates. Employees share in the success of the program by enjoying better health and reduced premiums.

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Interactive Health ( is the leading provider of outcomes-based health management solutions designed to engage employees in the management of their health through early detection and identification of risk factors. Through Smart Testing and a personalized health risk assessment, a proven methodology is applied to detect health risk at the earliest possible stage. If health issues are detected, Interactive Health immediately intervenes to engage individuals with a personalized course of action. A unique achievable goal is assigned to each participant based on individual results and health improvements are measured using Interactive Health’s proprietary Health Index. The Interactive Health wellness program has been exclusively endorsed by the American Hospital Association (AHA). Interactive Health has a 20-year track record of creating the Healthiest Companies in America. 
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