A Whole New World at the Playroom

Published on: 11/28/2008

The Nicklaus Children's Hospital Playroom re-opened its freshly painted doors in November.  Venezuelan artist Carlos Augusto Pereira created the uplifting mural that extends all the way from the playroom, out to the playground and into the third floor hallways.   

The playroom mural was inspired by the idea of taking visitors on an imaginary journey outside of their reality.  For a moment, they can relax their minds and recharge their hearts with the mural’s beautiful images.

The wall painting inspires renewed strength and joy, which helps patients during the healing process.  Visitors of all ages can enjoy the colors, shapes, light and beauty that the mural conveys.  “If the visitor can step aside from their personal problems for a minute, then the mural has accomplished its purpose,” said artist Carlos Augusto Pereira.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

- Albert Einstein

Biography: Carlos Augusto Pereira

"Spiritual Imagination" can best describe the artwork of Carlos Augusto Pereira. His fantastic visions inspire our soul, delight the eye and take us on a journey between the worlds of reality and fantasy. His passion for visual expression can be seen and felt throughout each piece as he combines impeccable technique with the brilliant use of color. His art combines images of incredible power within extraordinary beauty.

Carlos was born in Caracas, Venezuela into a Portuguese family, on the 14th of December, 1965 with a "paint brush in his hand." He has been drawing since the young age of nine. His formal training has spanned over a fifteen year period. His studies began in 1975 at the Technique School "Hiquera-Ximenez" in Caracas, where he studied Art and Drawing. From 1982 to 1985, Carlos studied at the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello in Caracas, where he graduated with a degree in Social Communications. In 1989, Carlos received a degree in Graphic Design from the Neumann Institute in Caracas.

After realizing his artistic inheritance, he began dedicating more and more time toward his artistic development simultaneous to his spiritual awakening. This combination had taken Carlos into the Spiritual Healing art world, being aware of the vibrations emanating from a piece of art, objects, and people.
Today, Carlos Augusto shares his time between teaching and creating. He brings images from the spirit side of life to inspire and heal the mind and soul.

Canvas, walls, ceramics, wood, paper, and more….it is not where he creates, but how he does it.


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