Reese's Success Story

Published on: 01/09/2012
"Within two weeks after our daughter Reese’s birth in 2006, a prominent, bright red spot (hemangioma) appeared on her face, and around her eye. Our pediatrician referred us to Dr. Ana Duarte, who made a world of difference in our lives. Reese began to receive monthly laser treatments to limit the growth and lighten or remove the large, prominent red vascular birthmark from her face. She also referred us for routine eye exams to make sure the hemangioma would not affect the development of her vision.

After a full year of laser treatments, Reese’s hemangioma gradually disappeared, and my baby (now three) now has the face of an angel, with no remnants of the hemangioma that was once so prominent. When Reese was a baby, everyone stared at her, asked what was wrong with her and asked why her eye was bleeding (that's what it looked like). When other children laughed at her, our heart broke for her sake. Thanks to Dr. Duarte for her fast diagnosis, definitive treatment plan, encouragement and ‘magic touch.’  Now our sweet little girl has a perfect face and her vision is perfect too. A success story all-around.”

Liz - Miami, Florida
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