Jennifer Joy's Success Story

Published on: 01/20/2012
“When I was born at J. A. Smith Hospital in Homestead I was a premature baby. I was in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) for about two weeks. I then went home to The Keys and then right before Thanksgiving of that year I became very ill. At first I was at Marathon Shores Hospital but as I became increasingly ill, I was sent to Nicklaus Children's. At first no one knew what was wrong with me. Then, one day as Dr. Simpsor was walking through the ICU, Dr. Simpsor saw me and said I had asthma. He was always available to my parents, he would call to see if I was okay (I had several bouts of this problem during that time) and was a real support to my parents. Even when we moved to northern Florida, my parents would stay in contact with him. When my parents moved back to Florida in 1992, we went to see him. He was so excited to see me. I still have asthma but through Dr. Simpsor, my parents learned what to do for me with my asthma. This is a success story for without that initial diagnosis, I may not be alive today. I am twenty six years old and was not expected to live past five. Thank you Dr. Simpsor and staff for all the help you have given my parents. “
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