Janiery's Success Story

Published on: 01/24/2012
“The nightmare began when my daughter was born May 16th, 2003 with a double outlet right ventricle with sub-pulmonary stenosis and transposition of the great vessel. Two weeks after my daughter’s birth we were brought to Nicklaus Children's Hospital, where we were total strangers and were terrified. Once Janiery arrived at Nicklaus Children's Hospital she was given 100% attention. We were introduced to a number of doctors who told us that our daughter needed surgery the next morning and that without it she wouldn’t make it. We decided that they were the doctors and they had to know what they were doing and we wanted to save our little girl. We were treated with kindness and respect and were allowed to stay with her overnight.

The next morning we were introduced to her surgeon Dr. Robert Hannan who reassured me… "Don’t worry I will treat her as if she were my own". These sincere words gave me great relief that my child was in good hands. During surgery we received several updates as to how she was doing. After almost four hours of surgery our baby girl was on her way to recovery. Despite some setbacks we had during the forty five days we were there, we left Nicklaus Children's Hospital with our daughter— Thanks to the cardiac team of doctors and the man with the hands of miracles Dr. Hannan. Today my baby is seven and has had all of her surgeries by Dr. Hannan. We love you guys and have not been there to visit but we have never forgotten all that has been done for our daughter and for us. Thanks a million and we hope to see everyone very soon.
Linda - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
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