Victoria Rose Success Story

Published on: 01/12/2012
“My daughter was born with asymmetric crying facies in conjunction with a congenital heart disease (a small atrial septal defect) and developmental delay in speech, feeding and some physical setbacks along with sensory disorder. It has been a very long road for Vicky and our family as we have seen her change for the better throughout the past year upon receiving speech and physical therapy from Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital.

We have seen our little Vicky born with five lbs. grow into this vivid and full of life little girl. She started here barely speaking and can now communicate well.  We have seen our little princess go from frequent falls as she would try to walk steady to walking great and even running at the park! All this is thanks to the team at Nicklaus Children's who are not only there for the children but for the families as well. When I felt all doors closed and no answers to Vicky's different conditions, Nicklaus Children's opened the door to hope again for a normal life for Vicky and directed us to the right treatment in our journey. My family and I will forever be thankful for all your support and time and patience with Vicky. Thanks for all you have done and helped to achieve in our Vicky's life!”
Taytianna - Miami, Florida
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