Piper’s Story: Navigating Life with Ulcerative Colitis

Published on: 05/09/2022

Photo by MissyK Photography

Piper became incredibly sick in December of 2020. Her parents believed she had a bacterial infection, but after failing to respond to two rounds of antibiotic treatment, they decided to schedule her for an endoscopy and colonoscopy. 

Just days after Piper turned 11 in January of 2021, her parents were dismayed to learn that she had ulcerative colitis. The family wanted to get a second opinion and had heard great things from a family friend about Dr. Alisa Muñiz Crim and the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center at Nicklaus Children's Hospital.

Piper doing a photoshoot

Photo by Monica Alvarez Photography

During Piper's first visit, Dr. Muñiz Crim reviewed her medical history and educated the family on the difference between ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. After explaining various treatment options for Piper, she suggested Remicade infusions would be the best option for Piper. 

"I called our insurance company daily for more than two weeks to get approval for Remicade infusions. Our local gastroenterologist's office was limited in its ability to help and we lost hope of finding treatment for Piper. However, Dr. Muñiz Crim offered to help us. She was so kind and patient with all our questions. Piper's diagnosis blindsided us and for the first time in weeks, we felt like there was hope with Dr. Muñiz Crim," said Alexia.

Once Piper was approved for Remicade infusions, Dr. Muñiz Crim and her assistant Maria, worked to set up her infusion treatments closer to her home in Naples. 

"Dr. Muñiz Crim and Maria have been such a blessing to Piper and our family as we navigate her life with ulcerative colitis. We cannot say enough good things about Dr. Muñiz Crim. We value so much how she takes the time to listen to Piper and support her in this journey," said Alexia. 

Piper is now 12 years old and continues to be on Remicade infusions. Since she is on an immunosuppressant, she currently attends school online and is in the 6th grade. Piper loves theater, music and video games. Her dream is to be an actress when she grows up.  

Piper dressed as the Wicked Witch

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