Melissa's Success Story

Published on: 01/18/2012
“Melissa was born on July 16, 1992 and was diagnosed with a Double Outlet Right Ventricle. My pediatrician, who detected a sound in her heart, contacted Dr. A. Aldousany from the cardiology group at Nicklaus Children's Hospital and had him come run some tests on my daughter right after she was born. He diagnosed her and instructed me to follow up with him because she was going to need surgery to survive.

My father, who was in the medical field, began reaching out to all of his contacts in the medical field; some of which were world renown. He ended up speaking with the head of the cardiology department in Children’s Hospital Boston. This doctor informed him we were better off at Nicklaus Children's Hospital because the best doctor for this surgery worked there (Dr. Subramainian). I followed up with Dr. Aldousany and took my daughter to Nicklaus Children's Hospital for all her tests which included x-rays, echo's, ekg's, heart catheterizations and blood work. Also, there were many times I had to take her into the emergency room for care. Each time she had a catheterization done she was admitted to the short stay unit.

Melissa hugging a ladyWhen it was time for her first surgery she was only thirteen months old. She needed to have a shunt placed so she would stop turning blue. The doctors had hoped this would hold her until she was approximately five years old—but it didn't. When she was only twenty three months old when the doctors were determined that she required open heart surgery because she had developed pulmonary and aortic stenosis. Again, Dr. Subramanian operated and saved her life. Since then my daughter has developed many other health conditions, such as chronic gastritis, complex migraines, polycystic syndrome, spondylothesis, and too many times to count, chest pains. She has been to the ER too many times to even begin to count and has been admitted many times for the various health conditions. Her last admission was just this March when she under-went back surgery with Dr. Shufflebarger. I can only say wonderful things about Nicklaus Children's Hospital, its doctors, nurses, and various staff members. “  

Michelle - Miami, Florida
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