Julian's Telehealth Success Story

Published on: 05/01/2020

Parents worry anytime a little one falls ill, but imagine if your child becomes sick during a national health emergency. That is exactly what happened to my 4-year-old son amid news of the coronavirus pandemic affecting our community. Although, thankfully, I knew my child was not displaying any symptoms of COVID-19, he had used the bathroom more times than I could count. I knew it was a stomach bug but was worried he was quickly becoming dehydrated. I also knew that taking him to a healthcare facility during a health crisis might not be ideal, so I turned to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital’s pediatric telehealth program, NCHS Anywhere.

It took only a few minutes to download the NCHS Anywhere app on my phone, input my child’s information, and enter my credit card information. Soon after, I was virtually connected to an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) who specializes in pediatrics.

The APRN completed a very thorough evaluation and was able to look at my child’s mouth, eyes and tummy through the two-way video connection. She was especially pleased when my son began imitating and playing doctor himself, a sign that he had energy and was not displaying signs of lethargy.

After the evaluation, she provided her recommendations and reminded us to follow up with his pediatrician. Although he did not need any prescribed medications, this can also be arranged through this telehealth application. I am grateful for this service and the peace of mind it provided me during an already stressful time.

Should your child become ill during this time, consider connecting virtually through the
NCHS Anywhere app.

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