Jose's SUPER Experience

Published on: 11/10/2016
Parents of young children never want to hear that their child is sick, let alone hear that the child may need an operation. Yet that is what Jose Genes, a plumbing professional who provides services to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, was faced with when he found a lump in his 7-year-old son’s abdomen. 
They did as any parent would and rushed to the nearest hospital where a doctor recommended Jose Jr. would need surgery to remove a hernia. Genes then sought the opinion of a pediatric expert at Nicklaus Children’s, who confirmed the boy needed immediate surgery
"I’m not going to lie, I couldn’t sleep a wink the night before, ” said Genes.
From the very moment the Genes family arrived at Nicklaus Children’s for treatment until Jose Jr. was cleared to return home, Genes says the hospital made the experience for his son and family a positive one.  
“I cannot explain the many ways every staff member, from the person in registration to the wheel chair ride down to my truck, went out of their way to make my son’s experience there so pleasant. From the patient care, the real life super heroes walking into the room to greet him, the team that spoke to him explaining exactly what was going to be done, the nurses and staff letting us know step by step, the therapist who took time to play with him and answer all his questions, to the volunteer staff in the operating room waiting room giving us real-time update during his procedure. I cannot begin to thank a facility like yours, Nicklaus Children Hospital, for being here for the kids. My family and I are in complete awe of our experience. I have never been so proud to be part of something as I am today. On behalf of me and my family, thank you for allowing me to be part of such an amazing organization. ”

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