Gabe's Success Story

Published on: 03/19/2014
“After 2 weeks of high fevers, numerous blood tests and visits to the pediatrician's office, Gabe looked like a pin cushion full of bruises. We were exhausted and frustrated. In those two weeks he was given two spinal taps, an MRI, and was tested for meningitis, Kawasaki Disease and even Leukemia. He was admitted and released from several hospitals with fever and we were told he could have one of a hundred different viruses. In January of 2008, one day after his first birthday, we went to Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital, where Dr. Cathy Burnweit and her amazing team solved the mystery and saved his life! Gabe was diagnosed with an urachal cyst with abscess. He was immediately taken into surgery (on her day off). The procedure, which was supposed to take one hour lasted five. Although Gabe is still afraid of doctors to this day, we are forever grateful to Dr. Burnweit and Nicklaus Children's Hospital. Now, as we approach his 6th birthday and the 5 year anniversary of his surgery, we have a healthy, happy boy! Thank you MCH!”

Stacy - Miami, FL
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