Ella's Epilepsy Success Story

Published on: 08/21/2023

When Ella was in sixth grade, she started having daytime episodes that her parents thought were panic attacks. After a visit to the ER at Nicklaus Children's, it was determined that Ella had frontal lobe epilepsy.

Ella petting a Pet Therapy dog

Along with her team of neurologists, it was decided that she would undergo brain surgery to determine the origin of the seizures. This involved two surgeries and Ella and her family mentioned that the team at Nicklaus Children’s really made them feel at home during this difficult time.

Ella's brain being monitored during testing

After several surgeries and routine visits, Ella is on track and has been seizure free ever since. She even delivered a TED talk to describe her experience with epilepsy and brain surgery.

Ella smiling and mid-dance

Ella is currently wrapping up her junior year in high school and is focusing on applying to college. Inspired by the team at Nicholas Children's, she wants to be a neuropsychologist to help others on their journeys.  

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