David's Success Story

Published on: 01/09/2012

David was ten and a half years old when first diagnosed with glioblastoma, a stage 4 brain cancer, in his right temporal lobe. From the get go he has always been a fighter and very tenacious. His spirit is unbreakable. After going through thirty three radiation treatments and a year of chemotherapy (temador) I had started to get my ducks in a row as I knew this was a very aggressive tumor. I had heard Nicklaus Children's was the place to go so I made sure I had all the necessary information. Sadly, almost a year to the day David's tumor was back— same location.

We met with Dr. Ragheb and I must say we both liked him instantly. His assistant Ann was also wonderful. In light of the situation it meant so much that David also really liked his doctor. He was eleven and a half years old by now. The surgery was a success, the prognosis, bleak. Dave was still given only three months to live. Dr. Ragheb had used gliadel wafers, small chemo wafers implanted ino the tumor site after removal. This is believed to help immensely as there are issues concerning the blood barrier of the brain.

To this day I know this procedure was paramount in his recovery. We then went on to The Duke Tumor Center in North Carolina to get his chemo protocol. I'm very happy to report that David will be eighteen in October 2010 and remains cancer free! He has had quite a journey, home schooling, growth hormones and forever on synthroid due to radiation near the thyroid—but he has performed stand-up comedy with names like Norm McDonald, Tom Wilson, Todd Glass and others. His sense of humor has been a catalyst for his recovery.

Dave is taking his GED at the end of August and plans to go to Palm Beach State for two years, starting in January 2011. He wants to transfer to another school to finish up his bachelors then go on to Law School. His motto—never give up! There is always hope! His caringbridge website is: www.caringbridge.org/fl/david

"Thank you Nicklaus Children's for being part of Dave's success story.”

- Cathy - Boynton Beach, Florida
black and white portrait of David

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