Patient of the Month: Charlie

Published on: 12/03/2018

After surviving a high-risk pregnancy with a set of twins, the Strombom’s were faced with yet another complication. Their third child, an unborn baby named Charlie, was diagnosed with a congenital pulmonary airway malformation (CPAM) and underwent two in utero interventions to allow for a full and healthy gestation period. Once delivered, the LifeFlight team from Nicklaus Children’s Hospital was on stand-by to transport Charlie from West Palm Beach to Miami.

At just a few days old, Charlie underwent surgery at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital to correct the anomaly by removing part of his right lung. Without the thoracotomy, Charlie only had a 5 percent chance of survival. Although the Strombom's had to adapt to some changes and limit the things Charlie can do and be exposed to, they are extremely grateful for the specialists and care received at Nicklaus Children's Hospital.

Today, Charlie is a six-month-old healthy baby and the pride and joy of the Strombom's this holiday season. Charlie, and children like him, count on your support. Please donate below to help make a difference.

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