Brenna's VSD Success Story

Published on: 02/02/2012
“Brenna was diagnosed with a moderate sized VSD before she was born. When she was about one day old our cardiologist decided surgery would be needed to fix this hole in her heart. At six months old she was finally big enough to undergo the VSD repair.

May 17th 2010, Dr. Burke performed her surgery only to find it a bit more complicated than was planned. A valve had to be moved to make way for the patch he needed to place. After surgery she required an external pacemaker to keep her heart rate normal. This fixed itself in about a day and a half but four months later her heart rate dropped to thirty six and she was transported back to Nicklaus Children's Hospital. This time we meet with Dr. Hannan and Dr. Burke and decided the best thing for her was to place a permanent pacemaker.

She is now doing fantastic and is a very happy and active one and a half year old. She is adventurous and so strong. We are so fortunate to have been placed in the hands of such an amazing team of doctors and nurses. We will forever be grateful for the care our daughter has received from this great hospital. We can't find the words to thank you enough.” 

Shanae - Jupiter, Florida 
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