Asher's Success Story

Published on: 01/24/2012
Baby Asher in a hospital incubator.Asher did not breathe for the first twelve to fifteen minutes after birth. Suspecting seizure activity following the asphyxia, the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) physician at Health Park recommended Asher be transported to Nicklaus Children's Hospital for the cutting edge cooling therapy being used to treat oxygen deprived patients. Upon arrival Asher was placed on a cooling pad and kept at a chilly ninety two degrees for the first three days of his life. Multiple EEGs revealed no signs of seizure activity. Prior to discharge Asher was taken for an MRI which revealed he had a stroke at birth. However, the vessel had already healed and the blood was dissipating. Two weeks after being admitted we went home with follow-ups from several specialists recommended by Drs. Valencia and Santiago-Ramos. All specialists and all tests, as well as time have shown Asher has zero complications resulting from the stroke and asphyxia. His expeditious and complete recovery we can only credit to God blessing us with the opportunity for Asher to receive treatment at Nicklaus Children's. Asher had his one year birthday this Saturday and he is so healthy, strong, and beautiful. We cannot thank you enough for all you did to make that happen.
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