Speak Now For Kids Family Advocacy: Mark's Story

Published on: 08/10/2020

Mark Coiras, now 18, knows all too well what it is like to spend days in a children’s hospital. Mark has been receiving care at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital for almost 10 years to treat a chronic and rare health condition called Pseudotumor Cerebri, which causes elevated pressures in the spinal fluid that contributes to extreme migraines, muscular pain and vision difficulties.

As a long-time patient with a chronic condition, Mark and has seen many different pediatric specialists throughout his healthcare journey and has undergone a wide range of procedures. For Mark and his parents, Mercy and Steven Coiras, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital has served as a beacon of hope, bringing together experts from various specialties to manage his condition and reduce the associated pain and anxiety.

Mark has come a long way in his healthcare journey, and although there are still tough days, thanks to the experts at Nicklaus Children’s, Mark says he is now able to identify and manage his symptoms well.

Today, Mark excitedly prepares to attend college virtually in the fall. As he gets ready to embark on this new chapter, he says he is grateful to the doctors, nurses and staff at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital who have worked tirelessly to give him the tools to prepare for the future.

Mark is just one of hundreds of children who call Nicklaus Children’s Hospital their second home and rely on state and federal funding to meet their healthcare needs. By sharing Mark’s story, we hope to build community awareness of the ongoing and essential care provided by Nicklaus Children’s during the COVIID-19 pandemic and beyond.

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