Service Excellence Employee Recognition Awards

Published on: 12/27/2017
More than 30 employees were recognized for going “above and beyond” their duties to deliver an outstanding experience to patient families and colleagues alike at the 2017 Annual Service Excellence Employee Recognition Awards celebration, held on Tuesday, December 19.   These employees were nominated by hospital leaders for delivering excellent service to external and internal customers in clinical and non-clinical settings and each recognition exemplified the Happy Family experience as well as the NCHS operating principle: CREATE a positive memory
Niddy Ramirez, RN, was recognized with the Service Excellence Award in a clinical setting for her dedication and personalized attention to a hospitalized patient in the neurology/neurosurgery unit. Ramirez spent hours with the parent explaining how each medication works and encouraged her to keep a journal of reactions to medications when her son began experiencing hallucinations shortly after brain surgery. Ramirez went on to review the parents’ findings with the physicians in order to help find the right medication for the patient and eliminate the hallucinations. Thank you Niddy for demonstrating outstanding dedication, compassion and empathy to the patients and families we serve. 
Bebrling Montoya, inventory control clerk with the supply chain department, was recognized with the Service Excellence Award in a non-clinical setting. Montoya was tasked with redesigning the volumes and storage capacity supplies for patients who require emergency intubation in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. She did an outstanding job in recreating this important process change in a limited amount of time and amidst the move to the new bed tower. She was also involved in the systemic change of intubation handles and once again demonstrated passion for her work. Thank you for being passionate about all that you do and demonstrating how your work directly impacts the patients and families we serve.
Congratulations to all service excellence nominees. You are ALL winners and a true inspiration to all of us!

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