Alumni Top Model 2013

Published on: 08/23/2013
In August 2013, MCH’s Alumni Top Model was presented with the participation of attendings and residents. Each participant demonstrated their inner-model making the competition fierce.
The female competitors were:
  • Dr. Ana Duarte
  • Dr. Vicky Egusquiza
  • Dr. Vivian Hernandez-Trujillo
  • Dr. Claudia Herrera
  • Dr. Beatriz Ortega
  • Dr. Rossana Sanchez.
The male competitors were:
  • Dr. Melquiades Alvarez
  • Dr. Daniel Canal
  • Dr. Ajay Kasi
  • Dr. Michael Satzer
  • Dr. Hector Trujillo
  • Dr. Nestor Valeron
They were introduced by Dr. Mayra Capote and Dr. Luis Concepcion. Each participant was required to model sportswear, casual wear, and formal wear. At the end of the night, the winners were Dr. Claudia Herrera and Dr. Nestor Valeron.

Alumni Top Model 2013
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