Youth Athletic Development Program

A fun and positve fitness experience

Phone: 786-624-5133

Our youth athletic development program is not only a path for the aspiring elite athletes; it’s an approach to physical activity and development for every child. Emphasis is placed on a safe progression of exercises that will improve the participants: strength, physical literacy and motor skills.

What is the goal of the program?

The goal of the program is to promote a fun and positive fitness experience that will help create a foundation of fitness for a lifetime commitment to health and wellness.

How does it work?

We accomplish this goal by teaching participants the essential fundamental motor skills that help to create a foundation of muscular strength, with the integration of neuromuscular training (e.g. weight training, plyometric, speed, agility, and coordination drills).

Afterschool & Community Enrichment

FUNdamentals and Foundations fitness classes are available for afterschool enrichment programs. Community Education is also available. Pricing upon request, please call 786-624-5133 for more information.

Group Classes

FUNdamentals (for kids ages 6 - 11)
A group fitness program designed for kids to have fun and improve their athleticism. This class will focus on the ABC’s of athletic development; agility, balance, coordination and speed as well as overall fitness. The skills taught in this program aide in the mastery of fundamental movement skills, which are essential for future growth and development of all children.

  • First class FREE for all new clients
  • 1 class: $25
  • 10 class package: $160

Foundations (for teens ages 11 and up)
A group class that is designed to create a strong foundation of athletic movements. Participants will learn how to train safely and effectively to reach their maximum athletic potential and reduce their risk of injuries.

  • First class FREE for all new clients
  • 1 class: $35
  • 10 class package: $180

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