Hand and Upper Extremity Program

Giving children with hand deformities and hand injuries the best possible outcomes.

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Hands are a special human feature. When a child has a hand malformation or injury, the entire family is keenly focused on finding medical resources to maximize the child’s future hand-use potential.

The Hand and Extremity Program at Nicklaus Children's is dedicated to giving children with hand deformities and hand injuries the best possible outcome. It is the only program in Florida specializing exclusively in the treatment of pediatric hand and extremity surgical and therapeutic needs.

The Hand and Extremity Surgery Team

The team includes pediatric plastic and reconstructive surgeons who specialize in the treatment of congenital limb differences – often referred to as dysmelia – and hand and limb injuries. The team utilizes the latest microsurgical reconstruction techniques to enhance outcomes.

The surgical team is supported by a network of pediatric occupational therapists who work in concert with the physician to support the child in developing and restoring function of hands and extremities after surgical repair.

  • Post oncology treatment anomalies
  • Post surgical treatment

Traumatic Hand Injuries

The physicians of the Hand and Extremity Program are skilled in restoring the appearance and function of hands and extremities injured during a traumatic event.

The team can help restore damaged bones, tendons and nerves following traumatic injury and can often successfully reattach, hands, fingers or toes separated due to traumatic injury.

Post-Surgical treatment

Occupational therapy is an essential component of the Nicklaus Children's Hospital Hand and Extremity Program. As part of its commitment to optimizing service, the hospital offers families the convenience of pediatric occupational therapy close to home. The hospital’s network of eight outpatient centers – situated in communities extending from southern Miami-Dade to Palm Beach County – feature pediatric occupational therapy services to support children following reconstructive surgery or injury.

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