Pediatric Anesthesiology

Our anesthesiologists are experts in treating pediatric surgical patients.

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Pediatric anesthesia is one of three recognized postgraduate subspecialties of anesthesia. It requires an additional year of special training beyond that required for board certification in anesthesiology. Why is this an important consideration? The risks of anesthesia are greater in children than in adults. This is especially true for newborns, infants, and toddlers because they are more likely to develop complications during surgery. Children are at greater risk of having serious breathing problems and are less tolerant of blood loss. In addition, shock can be more difficult to recognize in children.

The pediatric anesthesiologist has the specific expertise and knowledge to take appropriate measures if complications arise from pediatric anesthesia, surgery, or in recovery. Nicklaus Children's Hospital is one of only a select few hospitals nationwide to offer dedicated pediatric cardiac anesthesia.

Why is Nicklaus Children's the best hospital for my child?

Nicklaus Children's is the only hospital in South Florida dedicated entirely to the care of children, and is home to the only free-standing pediatric trauma center in Florida. No facility in the region performs more pediatric surgical procedures per year than Nicklaus Children's Hospital.

Nicklaus Children's uses the latest technology and the most sophisticated equipment designed to meet the specific needs of children, from premature babies to high school quarterbacks. While many hospitals in South Florida claim to be “children’s hospitals,” these facilities in reality are general hospitals that offer limited children’s services. This could mean that they lack the facilities and experienced personnel necessary to provide the best possible treatment for a child. Children are not little adults. They have different needs and a different physiology. Even room temperature and surgical instrumentation must be adjusted according to the needs and size of each child.

Why choose Nicklaus Children's Hospital?

No surgery is ever “routine.” Even a tonsillectomy can involve complications. And when you’re dealing with children, surgery performed at hospitals that do not make pediatrics the exclusive focus can put your child at risk. The fact is, no general surgeon, anesthesiologist, or hospital in South Florida can treat your child as effectively as Nicklaus Children's team. Insist on it!

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