Your well-being

Your well beingAlthough you will have a great deal of support available during the process, you are your own strongest support system. Your most important job is to take care of yourself. Wearing an external fixator can be stressful.

Keep these factors in mind while you're going through the process:

  • Know that the discomfort associated with wearing an external fixator is usually mild.
  • Anticipate early mobility.
  • Keep thinking about the vastly improved quality of life you will have at the end of your treatment.
    Actively participate in your care.
  • Normal activities of daily living may be more time consuming so allow enough time for these activities to avoid frustration.
  • Keep active. Go to the movies, go out to eat, attend football and baseball games, and visit with family and friends.
  • Keep your mind busy by reading books, listening to music, exercising, relaxing, crossword puzzles, etc.

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