Fetal Care Center

Offering hope to families of infants with congenital differences

Phone: (844)-553-3825

Learning your unborn baby will be born with a medical condition can be devastating. Families are faced with uncertainty and an endless list of questions about the future of the unborn baby.

The Fetal Care Center at Nicklaus Children’s is devoted to the care of infants prediagnosed with medical needs in utero that will require intervention at birth.

The team well understands the concerns of families anticipating an infant with a complex diagnosis. The Nicklaus Children's network of pediatric subspecialists collaborate with prenatal care providers in the community and beyond to provide families comprehensive, coordinated care and support from prenatal testing to delivery, postnatal care and the transition to infant care.

Initial Consultation and Scheduling

The Fetal Care Center navigator, available 24 hours a day, is committed to optimizing care access and convenience for expectant families. The navigator is the first contact for families to discuss issues and concerns. The navigator arranges the appointments for all diagnostic tests and specialty consultations with the family. The goal is to support families in obtaining a definitive plan of care, definitive diagnosis and counseling plan during a single visit, when possible. The appointment may include:

Fetal Care Center's Special Delivery Unit for High Risk Infants

The Fetal Care Center's Special Delivery Unit, which opened its doors in June of 2019, is a dedicated 10-bed high risk infant special delivery unit for healthy mothers whose infants will require immediate access to pediatric intensive and critical care after birth. The program eliminates the need to transfer the infant after birth, creating  better outcomes for the infant while keeping families together in the same hospital.

The special delivery unit is comprised of:

  • Two high-technology operating rooms (one equipped for fetal surgery)
  • Five labor and delivery rooms
  • Five antepartum rooms

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