Internal Review Committee (IRC)

The Internal Review Committee (IRC) is comprised of physicians (General Pediatrics & Subspecialists), representatives from hospital leadership, Quality Department, Nursing, the Lean Office, the Research Institute, and Information Technology.

The role of the IRC

  1. Review applications submitted by Project Leaders for original QI projects for feasibility
  2. Approve Project Leaders' Applications against ABP Standard Checklist
  3. Review Individual Physician Project Participation Requests that are approved by the Project Leaders and submitted to the IRC
  4. Receive periodic updates from the Project Leaders on the status of approved projects

Nicklaus Children's Hospital Portfolio Sponsor Program IRC Chair Responsibilities

  1. Ensuring projects follow ABP standards throughout the planning and project implementation period
  2. Reviewing projects to determine the strength of QI (ie, Does the project know what they are trying to improve [QI aim statement], do the measures provide information to participants about whether or not they are seeing an improvement, and do the measures relate back to the QI aim)? Work with groups to develop sound QI protocols. Provide feedback to applicants project leaders to improve their proposals.
  3. Serving as an appeal process for unresolved disputes with attestations.
  4. Signing Project Leader attestation forms, to attest that they met the project leader requirements set forth by the ABP (ie, materially involved in the design and implementation of the project, involved for minimum of 12 months, understands principles of QI).

IRC Members

  1. Jefry Biehler, MD, MPH - Chair, FIU Dept of Pediatrics - Medical Director of Quality
  2. Beatriz Cunill-De Sautu, MD - Director, Pediatric Residency Program
  3. Michael Gagnon, MA, MBA - Manager, Quality, Safety & Innovations
  4. Rani S Gereige, MD, MPH - Director of Medical Education & DIO; Portfolio Manager; IRC Chair
  5. Laura M. Hernandez, DNP, ARNP, CPN, FNP-C
  6. Sharon Larson, RN, LHRM - Administrative Director, Risk, Claims & Insurance Management; Quality, Patient Safety & Innovations
  7. Jennifer McCafferty-Fernandez, PhD, CHRC, CHPC, CHC, CCEP - Director, Nicklaus Children's Research Institute
  8. Marcos Mestre, MD - Chief; Division of Pediatric Hospital Medicine
  9. Jacques Orces, DO - Chief Medical Information Officer
  10. Jason Stiles - Senior LEAN Process Leader
  11. Bala Totapally, MD, DCH, MRCP - Fellowship Program Director; Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
  12. Jessica Williams, PhD, MPH, APHN-BC
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