What is ventriculomegaly?

Also known as: hydrocephalus

The ventricles of the brain are a communicating network of cavities (ventricles) deep in the brain consisting of two lateral cavities, a third ventricle, a communicating duct (cerebral aqueduct), and a fourth ventricle, all filled with cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) which is produced by blood vessels (the choroid plexus) in the ventricles.

The brain floats in the CSF fluid surrounding it, and the CSF circulates through the ventricular and the spaces around the brain and the spinal cord, constantly being produced and absorbed.

Ventriculomegaly is a congenital (before birth) condition in which the ventricles of a fetus/baby are abnormally large.

Reviewed by: Jack Wolfsdorf, MD, FAAP

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