What is stroke/cerebrovascular aneurysm?

Also known as: brain hemorrhage, brain clot, brain aneurysm, cerebral aneurysm, intracranial aneurysm, intracerebral aneurysm

A stroke is the term used to describe what happens when blood flow to the brain is blocked or interrupted and brain cells are damaged or die. A cerebrovascular aneurysm describes a brain blood vessel when it's wall has become weak, bulges and balloons, and fills with blood. The aneurysm can put pressure on brain tissue or nearby nerves. They most commonly occur in the blood vessels around the underside of the brain.

The main risk of a cerebrovascular aneurysm is that they may leak blood or burst (rupture) and bleed. This can lead to stroke.They are rare in children and when they do occur, boys are almost twice as often affected.

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