What is Food Protein Induced Proctocolitis of Infancy?

Also known as: milk protein intolerance.

This is when an infant, typically between 2-8 weeks of age pass bloody, mucusy stools. Some infants may also be fussy or have more bowel movements than normal.

What causes Food Protein Induced Proctocolitis of Infancy?

This is not an allergic reaction to a food, but is an intolerance to the protein in certain foods. We do not know why this happens in some infants. It occurs in both breastfed and formula fed infants. A majority of infants are sensitive to cow’s milk, some were sensitive to egg, soy, and corn in the mother’s diet.

What are the symptoms of Food Protein Induced Proctocolitis of Infancy?

Bloody and mucusy stools are the primary symptoms, some infants are also fussy.

What are Food Protein Induced Proctocolitis of Infancy care options?

If the infant is breast fed, the mom can try to eliminate cow’s milk from her diet. If this does not help, she can also try eliminating egg, soy, and corn. About 8% of infants do not respond to the mom eliminating foods from her diet, and using an extensively hydrolyzed or elemental formula is recommended. For infants who are formula fed, they can be switched to a soy based formula, and if that does not help, can also be switched to an elemental formula. By 9 months old, over 95% of infants have lost their sensitivity to the offending food, and these can be reintroduced into the diet with guidance from your pediatrician.

Reviewed by: Amy S Feldman, MD

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