What are broken bones (fractures) in children?

Also known as: bone fractures, fractures.

Broken bones, or fractures, are very common in children and adolescents, and occur when excessive force is applied to a bone. They can occur in several different ways; some fractures break the bone completely, other bones may just show a crack.

There are different types of fractures which include:

  • Greenstick fracture, common in children, where the fracture is on one side of the bone and the other side bends
  • Simple fracture, a stable fracture where the bones break into two pieces and stay aligned 
  • Open or compound fracture, where the broken bone punctures the skin
  • Closed fracture where the skin remains intact
  • Transverse fracture with a horizontal fracture line
  • Oblique fracture with an angled pattern
  • Spiral fracture, or a comminuted fracture where the bone shatters into several pieces

Reviewed by: Craig Spurdle, MD

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