Adult Application

Adult Volunteer Applicant Requirements

Adult volunteers agree to a minimum commitment agreement as stated below. Volunteer hours will be verified and signed off only once the minimum commitment is fulfilled.

Time Commitment

  • Volunteer once a week for a scheduled 3-hour shift
  • Two absences are allowed every three months

Application Procedure

You will apply using the link above. Please upload your immunization records into our volunteer portal.

  • MMR vaccines (two doses, or titers showing immunity)
  • Varicella vaccines (two doses, disease year documented, or titers showing immunity)
  • Tdap vaccine
  • PPD skin test or TB Quantiferon
  • Flu vaccine required during season
  • All vaccinations are fully required to volunteer.

Orientation & Training

An online orientation will be required, which will provide further details on the volunteer program, policies, and rules. Additional assignment-specific training may be required.


Applicants will be interviewed after completing the online volunteer orientation. The purpose of the interview is to introduce the applicant to the Volunteer Resources staff, and to discuss schedules, position availability, and applicant skills, experience, and interest. Acceptance into the program is decided at that time, as well as the volunteer assignment and schedule. Volunteer assignments and schedules are not guaranteed and are based on availability and the outcome of the interview.

Background Check

A social security number is required to complete an online criminal background check at the interview. If you do not have a social security number, please contact Volunteer Resources at

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