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Put It Down. It Can Wait

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El Pabellón de Cuidado Pediátrico Avanzado
05/16/2017 — La Dra. Deise Granado-Villar, Vicepresidente de Asuntos Académicos, explica el propósito de este pabellón.
Be Part of the Safety Team for your Child
03/13/2017 — Nicklaus Children's joins hospitals across the nation in celebrating Patient Safety Awareness WeekMarch 12 to 18. Be a part of the safety team for your child. Parents are the most critical part of a child's caregiving team.
APCP: Innovations in Pediatric Healthcare
02/27/2017 — Dr. Narendra Kini, CEO of Miami Children's Health System, discusses how the new Advanced Pediatric Care Pavilion on the Nicklaus Children's campus provides comfort and tranquility to parents of children receiving acute care.

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