Put It Down. It Can Wait

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Clown Doctors Bring Laughter and Joy to Children in a Miami Hospital
Red Nose Docs, the flagship program of Healthy Humor Inc., plays an essential role in the healing process of hospitalized children at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital.
Patients at Nicklaus Children's Take Part in Hospital Prom
Teens who receive care at Nicklaus Children's Hospital were treated to a whimsical “under the stars” themed prom on May 19. The annual celebration is made possible thanks to the generosity of Adam and Chanin Carlin, longstanding donors of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Foundation.
Superheroes defy gravity to surprise patients at Nicklaus Children's
Watch this clip of a child's experience seeing superheroes flying outside his hospital room, all part of the #patientexperience at Nicklaus Children's.