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Nicklaus Children's Hospital's Telehealth Center is a high-tech program designed to advance pediatric care for children around the world through enhanced access to pediatric subspecialty physicians and remote reading of diagnostic tests by highly trained experts.

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Physician-to-Physician Videoconferencing

The center makes possible sophisticated videoconferencing, bringing together referring physicians from countries all over the world to consult with renowned subspecialty physicians based at Nicklaus Children's Hospital. Physician-to-physician consultative offerings include:

  • Pediatric subspecialist consults
  • Emergency care consults
  • Complex multi-specialty team consultations
  • Second opinions

Remote Reading of Diagnostic Tests

Nicklaus Children's Hospital also offers remote reading of diagnostic tests. The imaging teams at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, are among the region’s most experienced at reviewing and interpreting diagnostic tests.

Consultative Services with a Pediatric Leader

Nicklaus Children's Hospital, is one of the leading pediatric hospitals in the United States, with a 650-member medical staff that includes experts in virtually every pediatric subspecialty.

Consultations can be scheduled with individual subspecialists or a team of subspecialists as needed. Medical translation services are also provided when needed to support communications.

Offering Benefits for Overseas Patients and Partners

The Telehealth Center offers benefits to our overseas patients, physician colleagues and insurers.

  • Participation in plan of care
  • Educational opportunities
  • Quality service offerings
  • Efficient response time

Benefits to Overseas Patients

Physician-to-physician consultative services benefit patients in many ways. Families avoid the stress and expense of traveling, saving on airfare, local transportation and accommodations. They also avoid missing school and work days.

For More Information

The Nicklaus Children's Hospital Telehealth Center is a service of Global Health Services, which offers coordinated care and ease of access for international children and their families. For more information, please call Global Health at 305-662-8281 or email