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Scrappin' Moments

A.J. Ortiz spent a majority of his short life at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital. As a means for coping, his mother began to chronicle his life through stories and photographs. This scrapbooking not only gave her an outlet for her grief, but it celebrated the milestones that were his life (first surgery, favorite nurses, etc.).

The goal of this project is to promote healing, not only for patients at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, but for their families as well. In doing so, this project will not only provide a cherished memento, but it will be an activity that will engage parents and patients. Through the scrapbooking patients can address their fears and home-sickness while chronicaling their life. These completed pages can also serve as a communication tolle between patients and their distant family.

Structure of the Program:
This project is a joint effort between the Family Advisory Council and Scrapbooks and Stuff. We feel that this is an activity that can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age. Interested families will each be given a supply kit that can be completed at bedside. For parents who prefer to scrapbook in a more social setting, they can attend the scrapbooking social. Durint these sessions, volunteers and employees from Scrapbooks and Stuff will be available to assist the parents.

For more information, email us.

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