Gender Program

The Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Gender Program was developed to create a supportive network for gender-variant youth and their families. When a child and family begin their journey, the path forward may not always seem clear. Nicklaus Children’s Gender Program is dedicated to fulfilling the psychological, educational, and medical needs of gender-variant children and their families. The goal is to create happy, healthy, and confident individuals and families. 

The Team Approach to Care

The Gender Program at Nicklaus Children’s is comprised of a collaborative multidisciplinary team that offers comprehensive support and care management for children and their families. The team includes specialists in the following disciplines:  

Conditions We Treat

The program is dedicated to providing comprehensive psychological and medical support for children with gender variance. Other terms to describe the condition include gender incongruence, gender dysphoria, transgenderism or gender nonconformity.

Who is a Candidate for Care?

Some families report knowing from a very early age that a child is gender-variant or gender-nonconforming. For other families, awareness comes later, perhaps when a teen expresses concern or confusion. The Gender Program at Nicklaus Children’s is available to families of children who have questions about their child’s gender identity at any age.

What Should I Expect?

After the initial meeting with an endocrinologist, the child will begin a series of sessions with a psychologist who has special training in supporting children with gender variance. The psychologist will include the family in the evaluation and discussion process to ensure that all family members receive the support needed. Following a comprehensive evaluation conducted over a period of six months or more, the care team will share options to address the needs of the child and family. 

Care Offerings Include:

The program of care is tailored to the wishes of each patient and their family. Offerings may include:
  • Psychological counseling and support
  • Puberty blockers and hormone therapy when indicated
  • Gender-affirming surgeries for patients over the age of 18 who wish to align with their gender identity

Community Partners

The hospital works in collaboration with a number of support organizations within the community to meet the specialized needs of children affected by gender variance. Partners include the Yes Institute, Care Resource, and SunServe Youth.