Research & Education

Integrated Approach to Common Childhood Illnesses (IMCI)

PanAmerican Health Organization --- World Health Organization

This international program of the Office of Disease Prevention and Communicable Diseases of the World Health Organization works on integrating clinical pathways to the major causes of infant morbidity and mortality globally. Major emphasis is placed in the region of the Americas and the Caribbean, in order to achieve the Goal 2002 of preventing 100,000 childhood deaths.

Through the training of physicians and health allied professionals, the involvement of government officials and deans of medical schools, this program seeks to adapt these clinical pathways at all levels of care and according to the needs of each country.

Nicklaus Children's Hospital Division of Preventive Medicine serves as a World Health Organization training center to international physicians and government officials on this program.

Dr. Deise Granado-Villar is an appointed member of the Global Advisory Board on Prevention of Childhood Illnesses.

Physician and public health/health allied professions training are held on the third week of October and during the Nicklaus Children's Hospital Annual Pediatric Post-Graduate Course every year.

For information please call Dr. Deise Granado-Villar at (305) 663-6853.

International Multicenter Study on Cultural Issues Predisposing to Adolescent Pregnancy

This on-going research study involving Brazil, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Colombia, and Miami, will analyze predisposing risk factors and influencing cultural issues in the increasing rate of childbirths in Hispanic adolescents.

Trends, parenting styles, and overall outcomes on the life of the teen parent are key factors for the primary prevention of early pregnancies in this ethnic group. 

Adolescent Wellness Database for Miami-Dade County

This is collaborative partnership between the Miami-Dade County Health Department , AHEC, Dade County Public School System, and Nicklaus Children Hospital.

Physical activity, nutrition, use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs, juvenile delinquency, injuries and teen Pregnancy will be used as the key indicators to measure wellness of adolescents 13 through 19 years of age. This database will serve to drive the enhancement of existing, and the development of new prevention-oriented and interventional programs for adolescents residing in Miami-Dade. 

Internship for Public Health and Health Education Programs

The Division of Preventive Medicine has established an internship program with the Schools of Public Health of the University of South Florida, Florida State University and the University of Florida. Internships are 12-14 weeks in length, available during the year and under the preceptorship of a Pediatrician with a Masters in Public Health and Nurse Practitioners.

Four major areas are addressed during this internship which include field experience:
1. School based health service, and correctional services
2. Community needs assessment and planning
3. Outcome Measures, Epidemiological aspects of community-based health services
4. Grant management and administration

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply through their schools. Applicants are selected based in qualifications, area of interest and references.

For information please call Dr. Deise Granado-Villar at (305) 663-6844.

Partnerships and Community Collaborations

The Division of Preventive Medicine has established a working relationship and collaborations with the following agencies/institutions/programs, in order to enhance existing health services and establish new program on behalf of children and adolescents we are here to serve.

• American Academy of Pediatrics
• World Health Organization (WHO)
• Pan American Health Organization (PAHO )
• Community Access to Child Health
• The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
• Center For Disease Control and Prevention
• National School Health Consortium
• Center for the Prevention of Handgun Violence
• National Committee On Injury Prevention
• American Public Health Association
• Association of Teachers of Preventive Medicine
• National Vaccines for Children Program
• Surgeon General's Office
• State of New York Commissioner of Health
• March of Dimes
• American Lung Association
• American Cancer Society
• Florida Office of the Governor
• Florida Secretary of Health
• Florida Legislature
• Florida Department of Health
• Florida Foundation for School Health
• Florida Department of Transportation
• AHEC Local and State
• The Ounce of Prevention Fund
• The Rhea and Lawton Chiles Children Center
• Florida Department of Education
• Florida State University
• University of Florida
• University of Miami
• Early Childhood Foundation of Miami-Dade
• The Children's Services Council of Miami-Dade County
• Nova Southeastern University
• Florida International University
• University of Florida
• University of South Florida
• Healthy Start
• Miami-Dade County Public School System
• Miami-Dade County Health Department
• Metro Dade Community Action Agency-Head Start
• Miami Coalition Against Drugs
• The Peace Education Foundation
• Youth Crime Watch of America
• Kids Voting USA - Florida/Miami-Dade County
• Child Watch of America
• Archdiocese of Miami and Schools
• Metro Dade Fire and Rescue
• Metro Dade Police Department
• South Florida Perinatal Network