Guidelines for Ultrasound Preparation

Pelvis Ultrasound Preparation 

Patients should drink water or clear juices 30 to 60 minutes prior to examination and not void. Recommended fluid intake:

Infant-2 years:

2-6 years:
2 glasses or 16 ounces if possible

6-12 years:
3 glasses or 24 ounces if possible

12 years and older:
4 glasses or 32 ounces if possible
(The bladder will have to be catheterized and filled with sterile water if the patient cannot drink.)


Neck and Thyroid Ultrasound Preparation

It may be advantageous to feed infants prior to the procedure to minimize patient irritability.


Gall Bladder and Biliary Tract Ultrasound Preparation

Fat-free meal the evening before, nothing by mouth after midnight.

Infants: nothing by mouth for 4 hours before examination.


Pancreas Ultrasound Preparation

Nothing by mouth after midnight.

Infants: Nothing by mouth for 4 hours before the examination.

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