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Pediatric Scoliosis & Spine Disorders Patient Success Stories

Read inspiring stories of hope from patients and families treated at Nicklaus Children's Hospital.

Alessandra's Success Story

At age 10, Alessandra was diagnosed with scoliosis and started receiving treatment at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. To view her inspiring story, visit mchf.org/alessandra. Read this story.

Surgery Puts Sarah Back on Track

Sarah was born with Noonan syndrome, a genetic condition that can result in spinal curvature and other abnormalities. She underwent her first surgery for scoliosis at age 13 with the Center for Spinal Disorders at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. Read this story.

Kimberly's Scoliosis Success Story

Kimberly was 14 years old when she started noticing an unevenness of her shoulders and rib cage, as well as the shortening of her torso. Her whole upper body was beginning to look disfigured, so her pediatrician referred her to the Orthopedics Department at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. Read this story.

Young Boy Regains Ability to Walk

Gerard was able to move his lower extremities for the first time in two years. Read this story.

Jamie, Camila, and Jose's Success Stories

The story of three patients that received treatment at Nicklaus Children's Palm Beach Gardens Outpatient Center: Jamie (scoliosis), Camila (autism), and Jose (pediatric surgery). Read this story.

Tiffany's Success Story

Misdiagnosed several times after freak accident, until Dr. Asghar diagnosed her with a rare spinal disorder: Klippel-Feil syndrome. Read this story.

Tania's Scoliosis Success Story

Tania was eight years of age when was diagnosed with scoliosis. As she grew older, it got worse and so she had surgery with one of the best doctors in Nicklaus Children's Hospital. Read this story.

Jennifer's Spinal Surgery Success Story

Jennifer just got hired here at Nicklaus Children's Hospital! Not only does she feel so proud and lucky, but she also feels very honored to be a part of a hospital where she had a serious back surgery done several years ago. Read this story.

Ashley Gets Ahead of the Curve

Ashley's family tell the story of how they searched throughout the country for a surgeon to correct Ashley's scoliosis, only to find that the best was right here at home. Read this story.

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