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Neuro-Oncology Program

Treatment of Brain Tumors in Children

The prognosis and survival for children with brain tumors has improved significantly in the last decade. It is now possible to successfully treat a majority of children with such tumors. The Neuro-Oncology Program incorporates a multidisciplinary team who contribute to the diagnosis and treatment of all types of benign or malignant brain tumors.

The Cancer Center works closely with the Nicklaus Children's Hospital Brain Institute to provide the highest quality of care for children with brain tumors. Following appropriate surgical treatment by the world-renowned neurosurgery team, treatment with chemotherapy or radiation therapy may be required.

The neuro oncology team, led by Dr. Ziad Khatib, provides state-of-the-art treatment for all newly diagnosed and recurrent brain tumors. Novel treatments include chemotherapy for young children to avoid or delay radiation's side effects, stem cell transplantation with high dose chemotherapy and antiangiogenesis therapy to cut the blood supply to growing tumors.

We offer personalized molecular genomic testing of tumors and are involved with novel tumor vaccine trials.

Neuro Oncologist:

Doctor Photo

Ziad A. Khatib, MD

Department of Hematology/Oncology






  • Arnold Markoe, MD


Stem Cell Transplant:

  • Kamar Godder, MD
  • Annette Carravia, ARNP
  • Jennifer Padrón, ARNP

Neuro Psychologists:


Nurse Liaisons:

  • Ana Diaz, ARNP
  • Ann McNeil , RN
  • Myrna Colón, RN

Social Workers:

  • Nancy Mendoza
  • Stephanie McGuinness

Child Life Specialists:

  • Kelly Scher, CCLS

Music Therapy:

  • Evelyn Laguardia


  • Jennifer Caceres


  • Claudia Vargas – Neuro-Oncology
  • Natalie Rodriguez – Neurosurgery
  • Mikaelle Cazeau – Neuro-Oncology 
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