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DAISY Award Winners 2013

January 2013
Yadira Catalan, RN
  • ›"Yadira is a compassionate nurse and provides excellent care to my child. She always comes in with a smile."
  • ›"Yadira is very thoughtful and caring." 
  • ›"She is very nice and helpful. She always asks me if I am okay and if I need anything. She is an extraordinary and excellent nurse to have."
  • ›"My son is a 6 year old, admitted for the first time. He was nervous. She made him feel comfortable, welcomed him with a smile and gave him lots of attention. She was patient and loving. Thank you!"
February 2013
Alejandro Perez, RN, BSN, CPN
  • "Alex takes good care of kids and also me. He went out of his way to make sure that Brooklyn has activities to do. Alex makes us feel comfortable even during stressful situations. Every time he comesinto the room he is cheerful and upbeat. Thank you.“
  • "Alex makes me feel good, and makes me laugh when I feel bad. Thank you for being the best nurse."
  • "Every time I called Alex, he was there with a smile and great attitude. Thank you Alex!”
March 2013
Jenny Jimenez, RN, BSN
  • ›"Since the first moment Jenny has been taking care of us, not only my two months old son but also me, as a mother under a lot of stress to have someone that makes you feel comfortable is priceless. She's friendly, helpful and so so sweet, but above all extremely professional. Thanks!" 
  • ›"She has been very sweet, nice and caring and makes sure that my baby is comfortable and she looks for ways to help me in any way she can"
  • ›"She calms me down and is always there for my baby"
April 2013
Julie Blanco RN, BSN
  • ›"From the day Julie was assigned we could feel how much she cared. The nurse a patient could only dream of having. Julie loves what she does, and I feel it. Nothing I asked her was forgotten, always checking if I was okay or needed something. Thank you for having such a great nurse to help me."
  • ›"Julie is the best."
  • "›She is so amazing at what she does. She explains everything before she gives meds. She is so patient and understanding!!!"
May 2013
Marvis Garcia RN, BSN
  • “Marvis is such a blessing. He always come to work with a can do attitude. He lifts your spirits while teaching you and making sure you understand. He explains every medication and procedure he is going to perform. He is a nurse and sort of like a teacher as well he is patient and kind. Always gives service with a smile. “
June 2013
Victoria Perez, RN, BSN, CCRN
  • “Since the moment Victoria walked into our room, she took over my son’s care with absolute confidence and compassion. I feel I not only owe my son’s stable status to her, but my own sanity as well. I will forever be grateful to Victoria.”
July 2013
Maibys Molina RN, BSN, CPN
  • ›“This amazing nurse took such good care of our son and provided him with pain relief. She is extremely professional in every since of the word. She is caring and loving. It is obvious that she enjoys her work.” 
  • “She is really nice.”
  • ›“Excellent service and care”
  • “When I had surgery on the neck, she helped me in every way so I’ll have no pain, and if I wanted something she gave it to me. Thank you”
August 2013
Raisa Gutierrez RN, BSN
  • ›“She is a good nurse”
  • “She really cares”
  • ›“Raisa has been helpful. When I call her she comes right away. I was very nauseous and I called her and told her I was throwing up. She came right in and washed the bucket and was going to get me some Compazine. If anyone should get the Daisy award it should be her. She is very kind and always wants to make sure you are OK.”
September 2013
Isbel Muniz, RN
  • “My son was diagnosed with Osteomyelitis. Our overall nursing experience was good but there was one person who was so special that we needed to write to you to let you know. Isbel Muniz was our nurse the first night of our stay. She was kind, funny, warm, smart, compassionate and patient with our family. The next night after he got his PICC line put in, Isbel was our nurse and we were so excited to take out his IV on his hand which was bothering him from the night before. Isbel was unbelievable as the bandage wasn't coming off and his skin was all beat up from trying to get it off. She sat with my son for over an hour and let him lead--she was creative, funny, smart, educated, thought in advance and made him feel in control and that everything was fine. We loved her before this event happened but after she finally got the bandage off she was an angel in our hearts. It takes a very special person to display such patience and compassion to do what she did that night.After Isbel left our room that my son (11 years old) asked, "Are you getting Isbel's phone number?" I asked why? He said, "because we need to keep special people like Isbel in our lives.“ People like her are hard to find, employees… even harder. Thank you, Nicklaus Children's Hospital and Isbel. My son left Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital, with a memory of wonderful people and feeling empowered about his condition instead of stressed about his recovery and having a serious bacterial infection in his bone. Now, that has NO price. Thanks again. We love you Isbel!”
October 2013
Esther Wooten RN, BSN, CPN
  • “I would like to let you know how much I appreciate the special care my baby was given by Esther Wooten. She not only showed professionalism but Esther was caring, loving and very helpful. Every time my baby gets admitted to the Cardiac unit and Esther is his nurse, I always get a piece of mind know he will be taken care of at night. Esther always goes the extra mile taking care of him and shows how she loves her job. Esther is very professional, friendly, compassionate, social and sweet. Esther is an extraordinary nurse and always treats my baby as if he were her own. I can rest at night knowing that my baby will be in good hands and that if he cries she will be right in the room to check on him and make him feel better. Esther always explains everything in a way I can understand. My heart, love and thanks go out to Esther, she is an exceptional nurse”
November 2013
Dora Cawley RN
  • ›“I would like to take this time to acknowledge Dora Cawley from 3NE.She is a well-rounded and very knowledgeable nurse.Dora is willing to help in any area she sees fit. She is always there for the patients andfamilies and is willing to listen to their needs. Dora is an example of an outstanding role model. I was fortunate enough to witness Dora talk to an upset parent. Dora smiled and was able to assist the parents with the patient’s needs.Parent turned and thanked Dora back with a smile.”
  • ›“I would like to acknowledge Dora for her kindness, caring and energetic despite heavy loads of assignments. She does whatever she can to help. She keeps the floor keep under control. Mother came in upset and raising her voice by Dora just listened and accepts her frustration. “
December 2013
Vanessa Polumbarit, RN, BSN
  • “Sassa aka Vanessa has worked in dialysis for many years now I enjoy having her care. I get Hemodialysis three times a week for three hours and she always ask us patients "how are you feeling today?". Sassa is always on top our needs as well as Solfia and Mercy, but right now this is about Sassa. Sassa is sweet, kind and gentle. Sassa will go the extra mile for you if she has to. Sassa makes sure I am comfortable during my every treatment. What Sassa does for me and the other patients I believe deserves a BIG DAISY AWARDS!”

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