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Elective Multidisciplinary Training Experiences

This training component allows interns to pursue their individual training interest through participation in a variety of elective multidisciplinary training teams and clinics. Training in this third area is available through the following subspecialty clinics and services: Neurodevelopmental Clinic, Diabetes Clinic, Juvenile Arthritis Clinic, the Bone Marrow Transplant Team and the Pain Management Team and multidisciplinary inpatient teaching rounds. Attendance at hospital multidisciplinary teaching rounds across services (e.g., Pulmonology, Oncology, Gastroenterology, etc.) is also encouraged. Efforts are made to accommodate interns' individual training interests and needs as long as the core and specialized training requirements are met. The subspecialty clinics and multidisciplinary teaching rounds occur on a regularly scheduled basis. Subspecialty teams also meet on a regular basis. Children and adolescents are referred to the clinics by their primary pediatric resident and by professionals in the community. Psychology interns work alongside subspecialty attending physicians, pediatric residents, medical students, invited foreign faculty, social workers and nurses. Intern participation includes clinical interviews, assessment and diagnosis. Follow-up services are provided, as are referrals to community agencies.

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