Music Therapy Students: Practicum and Internship Opportunities

Music Therapy Student Programs:



To become eligible for our practicum, you must be a music therapy student at the University of Miami-Frost School of Music

Music Therapy Practicum Length

The practicum lasts a minimum of 14 weeks, 2 hours per week, for a total of 28 hours.



Music therapy internships at Nicklaus Children's Hospital are structured to provide students a variety of opportunities for experience and practice in assessment, treatment, and discharge processes. While completing music therapy student clinical hours, interns will be mentored in: providing procedural support, assisting with pain management, supporting both new diagnoses and bereavement situations, facilitating motor, speech/communication and other developmental goals, and increasing a patient’s compliance with medical care.

Music Therapy Internship Length

The internship lasts a minimum of 26 weeks, 40 hours per week, for a total of 1,040 hours.

Music Therapy Internship Requirements

To become eligible for our internship, you must be a music therapy student at the University of Miami-Frost School of Music
Medical Education for clinical students. Students must be in the process of pursuing a bachelor’s degree and have senior level status or are graduate equivalency students earning a degree in a music therapy major.

Selection of Music Therapy interns is determined based on a variety of criteria that include: academics, previous experience working with children in or outside of hospital setting, references, and an interview. Please note that due to the number of applicants and limited space, we are unable to grant every applicant an interview.

Music Therapy Internship Application Forms


Prospective Bedside Music Volunteers

For those that would like to volunteer with our Music Therapy department or are interested in learning more about the Music Therapy profession, please follow the links below.
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